Summary of Bun-yu-kai

@This group is made up of workers from all different industries engaged in the construction, repair, and preservation of Kyoto?s shrine and temple cultural assets. Its members form a network of all industries which maintain and manage cultural assets.
The members work toward mutual improvement, training of successors, and the development of social status through observation trips to historical landmarks, cultural asset structures, and handicrafts as well training courses at various lectures while encouraging each other to devote themselves to their studies and playing their part in the protection of cultural assets. They also work to educate and spread information about Japan?s shrine and temple cultural assets while sharing their universal value with the world.

Occupation Types


Introduction of Each Occupation Types



Inquiry Forms


Cooperation and Collaboration

gBunkazai-Doc.h Conference about cultural assets

gBunkazai-Doc.h,Conference about Cultural Assets, is a conference of preservation, restoration, construction and maintenance of cultural properties. This is the presidency of Kyoto Preservation Association and is supported by Bunyu- kai. The purpose of this conference is to protect cultural properties appropriately with expert advice. There are also exhibitions about Bun-yu-kai and hands-on activities are held not only for adults but also for children. This activity is supported by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

gWhy is it important to protect cultural assets?h
with children.

Hands-on activities

Hands-on activities
gTatami Matsh

Hands-on activities

Free consultation of cultural heritage Repairing Project

Commemorative photo of the 20th gBunkazai-Doc.h in Tokyo with the Mascot of Bun-yu-kai.



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